Clubs and Sports

Academic Team Ms. Greshen Willis To promote academics and have fun while competing
Beta Club Mr. Matt Kramer and Mr. Leo Craven

To acknowledge students who excel in academics and to provide service to the school and community.

Black Achievers Ms. Angela Davis See Ms. Davis for details.
Bowling Club Mr. Bob Farquhar Have fun while learning  to become a better bowler,
Creek Service Club Mr. John Hatfield and Mr. Robert Stager Get involved in the community by completing service hours.
Creeker Book Club Mrs. Jennifer Prall and Mrs. Lauren Wolfe The Creeker Book Club meets monthly to discuss selected popular Young Adult titles.  Come to the library for more information!
Dance Team Mrs. Janet Carrier Brock Click HERE for the comprehensive dance team web site
DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) Mr. Nicholas Sutherland To develop leadership skills.
Drama Club Mr. Jason Meenach Students congregate to learn more about theatre.
End the Word Ms. Katherine Oliva See Ms. Oliva for details.
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Ms. Angela Outland FBLA offers excellent leadership and career development opportunities. FBLA members will develop skills and knowledge in personal finance, time management, and goal setting. The overall goal is to prepare students for future leadership roles.
FCCLA (Family, Careers, and Community Leaders of America) Ms. Ashley Riley
To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences Education, focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader.
Frisbess Golf Mr. Leo Craven See Mr. Craven for details.
Future Problem Solving Ms. Kristina Trimble See Ms. Trimble for details.
Gay Straight Alliance Ms. Laura Gallien This group is dedicated to creating a richly diverse and tolerant school, where prejudices about people are broken down and replaced with respect and understanding. We focus on gay rights but are concerned about everyone.
Generation Green Club Ms. Diana Mullins To become "green" leaders in the school and in the outlying community.
International Club The World Languages Department To share cultural experiences and foster friendship and community.
Lacrosse Mr. Andy Tarter For more information, check out the TCHS Lacrosse website:
This link leads to a website which is not controlled by this school or the Fayette County Public Schools. We are not responsible for the content.
National Honor Society
Ms. Carly Muetterties To honor our students with the highest grades and highest level of involvement in their school and community and to provide service to the school and/or community.
Outdoor Club Mr. Casey McDonald and Mr. Chris Long
First Thursday of each Month, room 208
Prom Steering Committee Mrs. Brittany Crawford and
Mrs. Mary Jo Geddes
To organize and raise funds for prom.
Senior Advisory Committee Mr. Eric Jackson and
Mrs. Lauren Wolfe
To plan, promote, and carry out senior activities and to have a fun and memorable senior year.
Speech Team Ms. Tara Davidson To teach students effective communication skills and the value of work to improve one's self.
Student Council Ms. Megan McGlone To provide open communication for the entire school and to help link students with the school.
TC Fellowship Ms. Denise Owens
1st Wednesday of each month at 7:55am in room 408
Technology Student Association (TSA) Mrs. Amanda Wickersham TSA (Technology Student Association) is a non-profit national student organization devoted to teaching technological education and promoting the use and understanding of technology.  Student members compete in regional, state, and national competitions involving technology, problem-solving, and public speaking.
Teens Against Tobacco Use Mrs. Mary Jo Geddes
Wednesday mornings at 7:30 in room 202
Y-Club (KYA) Ms. Molly Newton A student-run organization that involves young people in school and community service work while teaching them basic leadership skills.
Yearbook Mrs. Traci Ransdell To compose a book of school memories.
Young Democrats Club
Ms. Jaronda McPherson
Young Democrats is a great way to get active on the political scene.  We will be working on the 2008 election campaigns, both at the national and local levels.  In addition, club members will plan, organize and run community service activities throughout the school year.  While this club is oriented around the democratic party, we welcome those interested in learning more about politics and where they stand on the issues.



Baseball Mr. Dom Fucci Make new friends.  Its special to be young and to compete and interact socially with teammates and with the opposition in the process of maturing into young adults.
Basketball (Men's) Mr. Wayne Breeden Life lessons are learned when you're a part of a team.  You share friendship through working together, and it is rewarding when you are successful.
Basketball (Women's) Mrs. Tina Winn Playing on a team is a skill needed in the work force.  It teaches you to do a job with people, even if you dislike them, and to not give up.
Bowling Mr. Bob Farquhar This is the first year bowling is offered as a KHSAA sanctioned sport.
Cheerleading Ms. Amy Justice Stay in shape.  A great way to get involved and meet new people.
Color Guard Mr. Dee Bishop Have fun and meet new people while performing with the marching band.
Cross Country Mr. Chris Hawboldt A lot of fun to meet new people, to become a family, and to learn discipline and how to push your limits.
Dance Team Mrs. Janet Carrier Brock (volunteer) Exciting to compete and become better friends with other students.  For more information, visit
This link leads to a website which is not controlled by this school or the Fayette County Public Schools. We are not responsible for the content.
Diving Mr. Dave Doolin (no information)
Football Mr. Mike Harmon To be a part of Tates Creek's football legacy and to play at the finest facilities in Kentucky.
Intramural Games Mr. John Dixon Great way to be a part of a team, meet a lot of new people, and learn to have fun with sports and games you didn't think you would ever play on an actual team.
(Men's & Women's)
Mr. Bob Farquhar Play 9 holes of free golf!  You can show off your skills and become a part of Tates Creek.
Indoor Drum Line Mr. Dee Bishop (no information)
Marching Band Mr. Dee Bishop (no information)
Soccer (Men's) Mr. Brandon Turek Allows students to become more familiar with their surroundings since practice begins before the school year.  Creates that "in" that other students don't have.
Soccer (Women's) Mr. Bo Lankster Gives you motivation to keep your grades up.  You become a close-knit family while learning discipline.
Softball Mr. John Groft

Life lessons and many friendships are developed through participation in high school athletics, and softball is an exciting sport that holds great opportunity for those who want to compete.

Step Team Mr. David Clark Gives students a chance to be a part of Tates Creek's school spirit.  Click HERE to visit the Step Team website
Swimming (Men's and Women's) Mr. Dave Doolin Fun opportunity to represent the school and learn discipline while meeting new friends.
Tennis (Men's and Women's) Ms. Lauren Witt Sport you can play throughout your life.
Track & Field (Men's and Women's) Mr. Chris Hawboldt A sport where girls and guys can train together without having to worry about try-outs.
Volleyball Mrs. Sara Chaffin (no information)
Wrestling Mr. Zach Daman Anyone willing to work can be successful.  Helps to maintain ideal weight and compete against others your own size.

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